2021 – What the European Agency Awards Meant for Peak Ace

2020 brought plenty of new challenges for our agency, but over the past two years we were able to take them in our stride. As a result, 2021 saw us reach new heights! 

We’re not the only ones who think so. Peak Ace won a total of 23 agency awards in 2021, five of which were at the European Agency Awards in October (SEO Agency of the Year, PPC Agency of the Year, Integrated Search Agency of the Year, Marketing Agency of the Year, Integrated Agency of the Year – not to brag). These awards are essential in attracting new talent and new clients, as they’re a huge vote of confidence for our agency. In the past year alone, 83 new Peak Acers have joined us and allowed us to expand not only in terms of personnel, but geographically, too: 2021 was the year that we opened our second German location in Leipzig.

The awards we’re perhaps most proud of are those celebrating our agency culture. We often say that the first thing you need to know about us is our corporate values. Transparency, teamwork and fairness are paramount here in ensuring a safe and secure work environment, where Peak Acers treat each other with respect and honesty. Here, we care deeply about ensuring Peak Acers can give and receive feedback easily, develop themselves in their career and education, and feel part of a consistent whole. When we won “Best Agency Culture” at the Global Agency Awards in May, we were delighted that such an established body recognised that Peak Ace is a very special place to work. 

However, we couldn’t speak about our agency culture without mentioning our excellent HR Team. The team here consistently give 100% to ensure that Peak Acers are safe and comfortable, not only through the practical hygiene measures in the office, but also in less tangible ways – like inputting quick and easy feedback methods through Microsoft Teams, sending monthly personnel updates, and putting their whole hearts into our Christmas party, which went ahead safely at the end of 2021. We even had our own internal awards to recognise the great work of individual Peak Acers across our teams (as voted for by us!). 

The Agency Awards in 2021 allowed us to promote and expand, drive forward new processes and work hard to optimise old ones. We are so excited to see what 2022 brings and can’t wait to update you this time next year! 

Peak Ace won a total of 23 agency awards in 2021, five of which were won at the European Agency Awards in October (including SEO and PPC Agency of the Year). It’s great to be officially recognised as the best at what we do, as it provides assurance of our expertise to potential clients and Peak Acers alike, proving to them that we are an experienced and capable agency. From one industry expert to another, we are excited to see what 2022 brings!

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