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Hookflash Nominated for Best New Agency

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Published Date 04.09.2023

There are lots of specialist media agencies that deliver creative, automated campaigns. However, there are comparatively few dedicated digital analytics and experimentation agencies.

Hookflash Analytics was founded on the 1st of January 2023, with a vision of helping clients, and media agencies, thrive through the effective use of data.

Our first eight months have been incredible. We’ve exceeded our revenue targets, doubled the team size, worked with more than 30 incredible clients and trained over 200 individuals on GA4 alone.

With a focus on building solid data foundations that can be used to put data and insight at the heart of decision-making (whether that’s choosing audiences to speak to or ways to improve a user’s on-site journey through experimentation programs) our clients include Barbour, Ooni and Red Letter Days, helping to establish us as a key player in the market.

Reach (!) for the stars….

Our initial goals for 2023 were simple:

  • Hit our revenue goal.
  • Win 20 clients and make a material difference to their business through data.
  • Partner with best-in-class tools to help in the field of measurement and experimentation, becoming certified in 3+ leading testing platforms.
  • Grow the team by 100%.
  • Have fun and start to build the best place to work in digital optimisation.

And how have we fared so far?

  • Already achieved our revenue target and revised it for 2023.
  • Won 30+ clients and developed five client case studies with several others in production. Analytics can often suffer from being stuck fixing tags but we are proud to have initiated and started to run the very first website testing programs for four brands, with plans to launch several more.
  • Secured agency qualifications and agency partnerships with 4 website testing platforms (AB Tasty, VWO, Optimizely and Web Trends Optimize), two call tracking partners (Calltracks and Infinity) and in the process of partnering with Google, Mixpanel and Contentsquare.
  • More than doubled the team, with 8 optimisation experts.
  • Hard to quantify fun…but we’re confident we’re nailing that one. A hard-fought game of mini-golf was a fun amuse-bouche and we’re looking forward to trying (and definitely failing) at virtual F1 and a Christmas Bake-Off!

Work, work, work, work, work…

Harnessing AI to boost efficiency

One notable recent client example is our collaboration with a large entertainment company, where we embraced the power of AI and automation to accelerate the time taken to complete a manual, time consuming task – deploying GA4 across 75 regional sites and 8 roll-up properties, with four different ecommerce platforms.


We used Chat GPT to help us develop a script that would allow us to use the Google Analytics Admin API to change the settings across 75 Google Analytics properties. This included configuring over 500 custom definitions (in minutes!).


Our teams creativity saved three days of manual work. This time could be used more effectively to help the client in other areas.

Navigation restructure 

Our recent work with an industry-disrupting underwear brand involved a significant redesign of their website navigation. The existing navigation was leading to a poor user experience and we saw through HotJar that users were finding it difficult to browse and find products.


Once we identified the issue during our data analysis, we worked to design a more intuitive navigation structure by grouping together related products into distinct product categories.

We tested the new design using an AB test to ensure we could measure the impact of this change. This was deployed through Webtrends Optimize.


We witnessed a significant impact on navigation interaction and ecommerce metrics. We saw the that the click-through-rate to items in the navigation decreased by 15% and the add to basket rate increased by 11% and conversion rate by +9%

This showed us that the new navigation enhanced usability and streamlined the journey to conversion.

Overall our program of work with this client has increased their revenue by 6% since we’ve started!

We believe that both of these examples showcases our ability to combine creativity and strategic thinking to drive meaningful outcomes for our clients.

What have we done today to make us feel proud?


We have secured partnerships with leading vendors in the industry including Optimizely, AB Tasty, VWO, Webtrends Optimize, Contentsquare and Infinity call tracking. This is recognition of our advanced knowledge, skillsets and passion.


With the impending launch of GA4, we have been sharing our expertise and insights using LinkedIn and providing training sessions for our clients. In the last six months we have run 20+ training sessions through to ensure our clients are ready and confident for the new platform roll out. We’ve also written 12 blogs on our site and had a further two blogs published on third-party platforms.

And now, the end is near

Our focus on delivering high quality projects, our growing client base, and the dedication of our team make us an agency to watch in the industry.

Given we don’t buy media (or plan to!), we’re also helping to level up the standard of measurement and analytics by extending our reach through media agency partners.

Our passion for continuous improvement and learning, through data, is helping drive change to both clients and the media agencies they work with alike.

Winning our first award would be the icing, and very possibly the cherry, on the cake we’ve been slowly baking in our first year. In a recent Hookflash quiz, 100% of the team “strongly agreed” that winning the Best New Agency award would make them feel good.

Connect with Hookfish Analytics on LinkedIn.

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