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Reboot Online Marketing Shortlisted for European Agency Award

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Published Date 29.08.2023

About Reboot

Founded in 2015, Reboot has been paving the way with our innovative approach to online marketing for nearly a decade. We are a growing team of more than 75 talented individuals with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. 

Our agency is divided into teams of technical SEO experts, SEO-trained content writers, innovative graphic designers, digital PR specialists, data experts, and an exceptional web development team. These teams are all intertwined and we work alongside each other to deliver cutting-edge SEO services, as well as content marketing, digital PR and pay-per-click services. We also cover web design and social media marketing, allowing us to deliver unbeatable results for our clients.

Online marketing is a fast-changing industry, and we strive to stay ahead of the curve by conducting regular experiments to challenge thoughts and opinions across the industry. Our recent AI vs Humans SEO content experiment has been recognised by some of the biggest names in SEO and made waves across the industry. 

None of this work would be possible without our team of hard-working and talented employees. That’s why we have a forward-thinking approach to protecting their well-being and personal growth, both inside and outside of working hours. 

Our award-nominated work

At Reboot, our employees are at the heart of everything we do and we truly believe that offering a flexible working policy is the best way to achieve a work-life balance, increase job satisfaction and enhance the wellbeing of our employees. Our flexible working policy not only benefits our employees, but also the company as a whole. By offering benefits, such as a four-day working week, flexitime, and remote-first working, motivation to accomplish tasks is increased and employees report higher productivity. 

Our employee-focused approach to running a business has seen our team grow from a handful of people to over 75 valued employees. We’ve even seen team members return to Reboot after exploring other avenues. That’s why we are always on the lookout for further opportunities to boost employee productivity and well-being.

A four-day working week

Introducing a four-day working week has proven to be a great success in our company. The additional day off each week offers employees more time to rest, recharge and engage in personal activities, leading to reduced stress and better overall well-being.

Here’s what our four-day working week looks like:

  • 100:80:100 model 
    • Our four-day working week is based on a 10:80:100 model: 100% pay for 80% time whilst maintaining 100% productivity.
    • We retain the same working hours each day between Monday and Thursday, and employees are not required to work additional hours to compensate.
  • Full-time salary
    • Employees earn the same salary they had whilst working Monday to Friday, as well as the same opportunities for progression. 
  • Holiday leave provisions remains the same
    • The existing holiday leave provision is unaffected. Employees receive 20 days of annual leave plus bank holidays, Christmas shutdown and an additional day off on their birthday. We encourage staff to take regular breaks, allowing them to relax and unwind, thus reducing the risk of burnout.


We understand that the traditional 9-to-5 framework doesn’t align with everyone’s circumstances, obligations, or lifestyle. In response to this, we offer all of our employees flexible working hours, where employees are free to start or finish work at whatever time they choose. 

Offering flexible working hours allows employees to take control of their day and work during the hours where they feel most productive, as well as allowing them more time for social engagements, exercise, and appointments outside of working hours by starting and finishing earlier or later. Employees are also free to take their hour-long lunch breaks at whatever time they choose, offering them complete flexibility around how they structure their day. 

Remote-first working

In addition to the four-day working week and flexible working hours, employees are also able to work remotely from a place of their choosing. There are numerous benefits of working remotely — reduced commute stress, improved work-life balance, lower work-related expenses — however, we understand that for many people working remotely, and the loss of face-to-face interaction that comes with it, can feel isolating. 

In order to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation while remote working, all employees are offered the opportunity to work from a coworking space of their choice, funded by Reboot. 

We use the instant messaging platform Slack to communicate with each other, including social groups such as ‘Rebook-club’, ‘Art-Attack’, and ‘Rebootflix’. We’ve also introduced a weekly quiz, a once-a-month company wide Zoom meeting, and quarterly face-to-face meet-ups in London. These socials help employees get to know one another and boost team morale.

Testimonials from the team

“I am incredibly proud to be part of an agency that has been nominated for the Best Flexible Working Policy award. Our commitment to providing a dynamic and innovative workplace where employees thrive is at the heart of our success. Embracing a four-day work week and flexible working hours has not only enhanced our team’s work-life balance but has also unlocked a new level of productivity and creativity.

“At our agency, we understand that traditional 9-to-5 schedules don’t always align with the diverse needs and responsibilities of our team members. Our forward-thinking approach to flexible working empowers our employees to tailor their work hours around their lives, resulting in a happier and more motivated workforce. This policy is about fostering an environment where every team member can contribute their best while maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work and personal commitments.

“The four-day work week has allowed us to maintain high-quality client service while providing our team with an extra day to recharge and pursue their passions outside the office. This unique approach has not only boosted team morale and productivity but has also attracted top talent seeking a modern and progressive work culture.

We remain committed to nurturing a workplace that celebrates individuality, encourages work-life harmony, and continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the marketing industry.” Abby Chinery, Creative Director

“As the Operations Director of Reboot Online, I am immensely proud of the strides we’ve made in redefining traditional work structures and I am thrilled to hear that we’ve been nominated for the Best Flexible Working Policy at the European Agency Awards!

 “It’s a testament to the collective effort of our HR and Senior leadership teams who work to create an environment where every Reboot-ian can thrive and contribute their best. I also want to highlight the unwavering dedication of our CEOs Shai & Naomi Aharony as they continue to foster a workplace that places Reboot employees well-being and growth at the forefront of everything we do.

“I joined the agency in mid-June 2023 and have experienced firsthand how these initiatives transformed our work culture and significantly enhanced productivity and work-life balance. I am excited about the positive impact our approach will continue to have on our team and the industry as a whole.” – Zoe Blogg, Operations Director

“Since starting work at Reboot, I have experienced first-hand the huge strides in our flexible working policy. Not only has the company successfully adopted a 4-day working week but employees are given the flexibility to work the hours that suit them. As a result, company output has increased along with employee satisfaction and motivation. 

“Personally, I have been able to pick up hobbies like running and reading that I have previously neglected as working at Reboot has given me the ability to fully immerse myself in both my work and personal life.” – Marissa Pysarczuk, Digital PR Manager

“I think it’s great that Reboot has been nominated for the Best Flexible Working Policy award as it really highlights the work-life balance the company encourages us to have. Our flexible start and finish times allow me to do things outside of work (such as sports) without compromising either. 

“From a design point of view, having Fridays off helps overall with creative ideas as I feel fully recharged on Mondays and throughout the week.” Anastasia Davies, Graphic Designer

“I’m honestly not surprised that Reboot is a contender for Best Flexible Working Policy! The four-day week is an absolute godsend and is terrific for mental health. It’s incredible how much you come to rely on that one extra day at the weekend! 
“I’ve also never worked somewhere with so much trust before. My manager knows that if I have to nip to the dentist or doctor during the workday, my work will still be done to the highest level of my ability. And because of this faith, I am more motivated to give my all.” – Alice Wicker, Content Marketing Executive

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