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When Best Agency Culture, meets Best Event, meets Best Marketing & Not-for-Profit Campaign!

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Published Date 21.08.2023

About us

We are DevaGroup – a small, 50-person agency. We love it and have no insecurities about it. Although our team continues to grow despite changes in the market and inflation, we strive to operate in a non-corporate atmosphere.  All teams are constantly working together to meet the agency’s and its clients’ evolving needs.

#motto –we have people on board, not walking Excel sheets. We are proud to have created an inclusive work environment where anyone can freely grow and express themselves.  Since 2005  we have worked remotely, and it’s our daily bread. It allows us to: gain talent regardless of location, be more inclusive towards people with disabilities, take care of loved ones or hire parents who can spend more time with their families and have flexible working hours.

As a company we want to inspire innovation, commitment and success. Innovation by sharing knowledge and the desire to know and try first new solutions! Commitment by allowing our talents to grow freely – when and how they want. And success will come naturally after those two are checked on our list! That’s why being a finalist for the “ Best Agency Culture” category at the European Agency Awards is something that we as an Agency take particular pride in.

This space is too small for us to appreciate our whole team as they deserve (because they are simply incredible) 🙂 To show You the impact, we will now focus on the outside –  and our other 3 nominations! 

About our Event

Since 2016, as a DevaGroup agency, we proudly organise the largest conference for SEM specialists in Poland – semKRK. We have already successfully completed 21 editions. Total number of participants in all editions has exceeded 6.000. Nearly 170 experts have taken the stage at semKRK, sharing the latest industry knowledge.  Each year, business owners, including those in e-commerce, marketing specialists, and employees of internet marketing agencies, participate in the event. It is an established brand in Poland.

What are we most proud of? The Call4Papers initiative. It enables individuals without stage experience to debut. To participate in the competition, submitting a topic and a brief description of the presentation is sufficient. Once the jury approves, our community votes, so our future participants create events’ agenda! Additionally, we don’t disclose names, only the topics during the voting process. This means we vote based on merit and content rather than personal branding. What is more – we address pressing matters. We know there is a lack of female speakers at conferences, so we made a unique programme to encourage them to speak at our semKRK and webinars with effects appreciated by the SEM scene in Poland. Result: 5 women in our last edition shared their knowledge from the scene!

Our dream is to make semKRK international event! What would be better as a first step than gaining recognition in these amazing Awards!

About our Campaigns

Our Client – Gajusz Foundation – it’s a team of wonderful people who provide children with love and professional care when they need it the most. Thanks to the Foundation, over 1200 young beneficiaries receive support each year. 

We are proud that our work helped others! The expenses for treating sick children exceed 200,000 GBP each year.  Our campaigns helps in achieving this goal. Regarding campaigns such as this – we know every penny counts. Key to success was better understanding of our Client organisation (we visited Foundation and met some of the children) – what their needs were and, therefore, a better understanding of the target audience. We also knew we got one chance with the audience to reach out emotionally, so we created content based on real-life moving stories. They were powerful because they were honest.

We have reached our goals quicker than expected – even in hard times when purse strings are being held really tight. Why is this campaign so important to us? Because we do not see ourselves as campaign executors – we always want to educate and make our Clients understand. In this case, gaining knowledge meant more money saved – and that’s simply more help for children.

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