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MRS Digital – Why You Need One Search Agency Provider

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Published Date 06.02.2023

If a company specialises in one specific search marketing channel, it’ll have more knowledge – right? If so, it makes sense to work with a handful of different providers for their specialisms surely? 

Not necessarily. 

Adam Blackford-Mills, Digital Sales and Marketing Director at MRS Digital, the winner of the 2022 Integrated Search Agency of the Year at the European Agency Awards, covers the benefits of utilising one agency for all of your search marketing needs, and why a holistic approach is necessary for digital marketing moving into 2023. 

1. A comprehensive understanding of all search channels

By working with one integrated search marketing agency that has specialists who have an in-depth understanding of all search channels, you don’t get a one-sided approach. Instead, there’s a multi-channel approach that maximises your budget and exposure. 

Not only does this mean that your ongoing strategy is maximised for the best results for you, but it also means that there is no bias towards a specific service – one that may not be the best channel for your needs. You want to know that your strategy is built with results in mind and is not based on what service is convenient to sell at that moment.

2. One point of contact for all needs

When you work with one search agency, you only have to speak to one person – most likely your dedicated account manager. They’ll have full oversight on all the projects and campaigns that the wider team is working on, so you won’t be passed from pillar to post to get a simple answer to your question.

With one single point of contact, you also don’t have to act as a messenger between separate search marketing agencies – which is especially difficult when technical subject matters are being discussed. Your account manager will have instant access to any specialists they need to speak with, so you’re not the go-between.

3. Time & cost-efficient

Search marketing is undoubtedly an expensive (but powerful) investment at the best of times. However, this is often exacerbated even more so if you’re working with multiple agencies for different needs such as one for PPC (pay-per-click) and another for SEO (search engine optimisation). This is because you may find channels are accidentally working against each other or the two strategies are contradictory, leading to wasted budget.

By working with one single agency for all of your search marketing needs, you’ll save valuable time and money. By intelligently investing in search marketing through one reputable agency, you’ll benefit from an overarching strategy that incorporates multiple channels. This means different agencies don’t have to struggle to communicate through a client that’s stuck in the middle. 

4. Harmonise different channels

A specialist search agency will understand the importance of harmonising and collaborating across all areas of search marketing, as opposed to considering them as separate strategies. 

At the end of the day, if you’re investing in both SEO and PPC, it’s likely your paid and organic listings are showing on the same page of the search engine results pages. So, why would you separate your strategies behind them? The end goal is always the same – increased visibility, higher quality leads, and more sales.

An integrated search agency will consider how different services can support each other. For example: 

  • PPC can fill gaps where organic listings are struggling to show due to competition. 
  • Budget can be saved on PPC where organic visibility is well covered.
  • PPC, SEO, paid social and display advertising can unite to ensure maximum coverage and click-through.

5. Have a better understanding of user journeys

An integrated search agency has a better understanding of their users’ digital journeys thanks to multi-channel attribution. This attribution model allows digital marketers to better understand which points in the journey generate the most value and how they contribute to ROI.

This allows an agency to take appropriate action across multiple channels and prioritise where work is needed most to yield the best results. 

6. Cohesive messaging

A single agency’s people closely collaborating together ensures that PPC, SEO, paid social and content teams make use of cohesive messaging and tone across the board. This means there’s never a clash with campaigns or a company’s values within the content.

This relates to harmonised approaches, as cohesive messaging leads to a better user journey. Having one search agency provider ensures that you have both a harmonised and cohesive user journey, which you then have better visibility over. 

Why an integrated approach is the future for search marketing

We have more insight into users’ search behaviour than ever before, and we should be taking advantage of this. Considering the bigger picture when it comes to achieving success online should be a given, and an integrated approach allows you to strategize coverage in the short, medium and long-term. 

Adam Blackford-Mills, Digital Sales and Marketing Director at MRS Digital says: 

“As the search landscape evolves it’s becoming more and more important for clients to adopt an integrated strategy, leavening no leaf unturned, especially if there’s an ounce of gold underneath.  As an agency we stand by not using a one size fits all approach.  Instead, MRS invest in having an arsenal of deployable skillsets under one roof, allowing us to launch integrated search campaigns that work well for a client’s bottom line, instead of just ours.   

The team at MRS Digital really is on fire! In 2021 we were the talk of the town as the UK’s Integrated Search Agency of the Year, and then in 2022, we took the crown for the Integrated Search Agency of the Year at the European Search Agency Award!

It’s an absolute testament to the exceptional talent and hard work of our team. It’s a clear indication of the world-class work we deliver for our clients, every single day. We are beyond honoured and humbled by this recognition, and it’s an affirmation of our commitment to excellence. Our team is unmatched, and our results speak for themselves.”

MRS Digital won ‘Integrated Search Agency of the Year’ at the European Agency Awards 2022. Interested in working with an expanding agency that’s going places? 

Take a look at MRS Digital’s current vacancies.

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